About “SG:SW 2022 I Write The Songs”


“SG:SW I Write The Songs” is a nationwide Mandarin-Pop Song Writing Festival, providing a platform to uncover local music talents and cultivate the next generation of original music talents.

Since 2017, Composers & Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS) and Ocean Butterflies Music (OB Music) embarked on a journey to uncover local music talents and cultivate the next generation of original music talents. In 2018, the organising committee welcomed Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) as one of the organisers for annual SG:SW I Write The Songs.

“SG:SW I Write The Songs” is not about competition, but to build a supportive community of homegrown talents and provide a prominent and iconic platform to discover outstanding original songs written by our locals. As seen from the previous two instalments of SG:SW, winning songs get to be professionally produced and released, with music videos specially recorded for these winning entries.

The sixth instalment of SGSW is back to live performance! The festival continues to aim to provide a platform for new and emerging songwriters to showcase their original work and opportunities to network with fellow songwriters and industry professionals. It also fosters camaraderie among the songwriters, encouraging the spirit of songwriting in the next generation.

We hope to invite aspiring songwriters to be part of this exciting journey – SG:SW 2022! Come and take part in this Festival and you may be the next hitmaker in the region!

Steering Committee

Advisor:Ms Sim Ann (Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information & Ministry of National Development Deputy Government Whip)
Chairperson:Dr. Edmund Lam (COMPASS CEO & Director)
Vice-Chairperson:Dr. Liang Wern Fook (COMPASS Director)
Organisers:Composers and Authors Society of Singapore
Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre
Ocean Butterflies Music