10 & 11 September 2022

Songwriters of the selected 10 songs for the Finale Concert, will be entitled to attend a fully-sponsored Online Masterclass sessions where their songs will be individually heard and critiqued upon by established, renowned songwriters via virtual video conferencing platform. With the tips and knowledge gained from the Online Masterclasses, the participating songwriters could improve on their song (if they wish to) to be presented at the Finale Concert. This year we will be introducing an additional workshop – Stage Performance Workshop for the Top10 singers. Good performances involve not only excellent musicianship but also a high level of stage presence and audience interaction. Instructor will critique each song individually and explore strategies to improve each songs’ stage presence.

Vincent Fang

Renowned Taiwanese Lyricist – Vincent Fang. No strangers to the Chinese music scene, the award-winning lyricist, Fang, has written many popular hits and works include: Jay Chou’s ‘Blue and White Porcelain’《青花瓷》, ‘Qi-Li-Xiang’《七里香》, ‘Secret’《不能说的秘密》, and S.H.E ‘Tropical Rainforest’《热带雨林》.

David Wu

Renowned Taiwanese Producer-songwriter – David Wu. Having groomed regional stars like Jolin Tsai and Cyndi Wang, Wu has also produced numerous albums including Tracy Huang’s ‘Cry Sand’. His compositions include: Tom Chang’s ‘We Are Still Friends’《还是朋友》, Nicholas Tse & Kenny Bee’s ‘Long Life Road’《慢慢人生路》, Jolin Tsai’s ‘Pretty Pretty Day’ and A-Mei’s ‘Betrayal’.