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SG:SW 2023 Ambassador

Yokez 叶玉棂

A vocal powerhouse, Yokez has built her name as one of the brightest personalities and singer – songwriters in Singapore. With her strong DIY background, Yokez released her debut 5-track self-penned Mandopop EP in 2018. The track “How You Appeared” entered the Spotify Top 50 Viral Charts in Malaysia and to date, the EP has been streamed over 1.5 million times on Spotify. Yokez’s voice has also been featured in several productions, drama series and OSTs. In 2020, her co-written ballad “My Blessings” was awarded the Melody (Merit) Award in the SG:SW 2020 I Write The Songs Mandopop Songwriting Festival.

In 2021, Yokez took part in SingVoice with the outstanding track “What Have I Become” and scored a label deal with Warner Music Singapore and released her latest EP, “Hello Sunshine”, in March 2023.

Masterclass Mentors

Eric Ng

Award-winning Producer-songwriter
Since launching his career in the late 90s, Eric has become a chart-topping staple within the Asian pop scene, establishing himself as a highly acclaimed songwriter, producer and music arranger. He is also recognised as the launchpad for multiple hits for artists such as A Mei 'Hostage', Sandy Lam 'Paper Aeroplane', Tanya Chua 'Deep' and 'Amphibian' etc. Artistes he has collaborated with include Zhang Jie, Hebe Tien, Power Station, Wakin Chau and many more.

K.S Chong

Renowned Malaysian Lyricist
No stranger to the Chinese music scene, the lyricist of Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden’s theme song -- ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love with You’, K.S Chong, has attained multiple accolades such as the “Best Lyrics” and “Song of the Year” awards with this popular hit. Originally sung by Harlem Yu, the mandopop classic ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love with You’ took a storm in Asia with new renditions by numerous A-listers in the industry, covering over ten languages. K.S Chong has also collaborated with Artistes such as Richie Jen, Fish Leong, Victor Wong, Z-Chen, and etc.