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SG:SW 2022 Ambassador

Ben Hum

Being an avid music performer ever since 2013, the singer-songwriter Ben Hum has performed at numerous notable venues within Singapore and also garnered a significant loyal following through these live performances.

In January 2020, he accompanied the well-known local producer KENN C to Beijing as a backup vocalist for the concert of up-and-rising singer, Azora Yu.

After accumulating years of singing experience, Ben finally released his first EP “Milky Way” in 2022 and it was also highly acclaimed by the media and his followers. He even held a sold-out concert for his EP Launch.

The Masters

Vincent Fang

Renowned Taiwanese Lyricist – Vincent Fang. No strangers to the Chinese music scene, the award-winning lyricist, Fang, has written many popular hits and works include: Jay Chou's ‘Blue and White Porcelain’《青花瓷》, ‘Qi-Li-Xiang’《七里香》, ‘Secret’《不能说的秘密》, and S.H.E ‘Tropical Rainforest’《热带雨林》.

David Wu

Renowned Taiwanese Producer-songwriter – David Wu. Having groomed regional stars like Jolin Tsai and Cyndi Wang, Wu has also produced numerous albums including Tracy Huang’s ‘Cry Sand’. His compositions include: Tom Chang’s ‘We Are Still Friends’《还是朋友》, Jolin Tsai’s ‘Pretty Pretty Day’ and A-Mei’s ‘Betrayal’.