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Online Submission 2023

Submission Guidelines

  1. 凡15岁以上(即2008年12月31日或以前出生)的人士可报名参加。
    All entrants must be aged 15 years old and above (entrants should be born on or before 31 December 2008)
  2. 创作者可报名数首参加作品,但限制于三组歌词和三组曲,包括与其他创作者报名的参加作品。
    Entrants may submit multiple entries, with a maximum of 3 sets of lyrics and 3 sets of melody composition in total, regardless if submitted by themselves or with other entrants.
  3. 参加作品必须是未发布的新作品,曾被灌录在实体唱片发行或数位音乐平台 (如 ITunes、Apple Music、Spotify、KKBOX 等)上架的歌曲都不能参加。若参赛作品曾上载到其他分享平台如 (YouTube 或 Soundcloud 等), 参赛者需提供网址,做为主办方考量。
    The submitted song entries must not be songs that have been released before in any physical (i.e. Single, EP and full-length album CD etc), and digital (i.e iTunes, Spotify, KKBOX etc) format for sale. Should the song entires have been released on YouTube, SoundCloud or other free music sharing portals, links should be provided.
  4. 歌曲必须是原创作品,包含旋律和歌词,以完整Demo形式提交。歌词中,中文必须至少占百分之五十的比列才能获得参加资格,其余歌词的剩余百分比可以是任何1至4种新加坡官方语言(英语、华语、马来语和淡米尔语)。
    Song entries must be original compositions complete with melody and lyrics and should be a good demo representation of the song. The songs must contain a minimum of 50% Mandarin to qualify, with the remainder percentage of lyrics to be in any of the 4 main Singapore languages (Eg: English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil).
  5. 上载至官方网站的参加作品必须是mp3模式,不大于10MB。通过其他管道报名的参加作品将一律不被接受,只限于官方网站报名。参加者必须上传PDF模式的歌词本。所有作词人,作曲人,演唱者和音乐出版商(若有)的名字必须清楚列在歌词文件上。
    Songs should be submitted in MP3 format only (file size not bigger than 10MB) through our Official Festival Website. Hard-copy submissions will not be accepted. Submission of Lyrics in PDF format is compulsory. Full name of all Lyricist, Composer & Music Publisher (if any) should be stated clearly in the lyrics document.
  6. 【我写我的歌】创作节报名截止日期为2023年6月25日,晚上11时59分。
    All song entires must be submitted before 23:59 hrs on 25 June 2023.
  7. 主办方保留终止创作节的权利,或在截止日期前修改创作节条款和规则。修改本条款及规则唯独自行决定。任何此类修改应通过创作节官方网站通知,此类修改应立即生效,并适用于所有参加作品,包括已提交给主办方的作品。
    The Organiser reserve the right to terminate the Festival or to modify the Festival rules and Terms prior to the Closing Date by amending the Terms & Conditions hereof at its sole and absolute discretion. Any such modifications shall be notified via the Festival Website, and such modifications shall be immediately effective and apply to all entries, including entries that have been submitted to The Organiser.

Please see Festival Rules & Regulations

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参赛作品资料 Song Submission Particulars

若参赛作品曾在以下网络平台发布,请注明并提供网址。 Has the submission piece been released on any of the following platforms? If so, please tick accordingly and provide the URLs.

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